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Evolving Past Alzheimer's

Jan 29, 2018

Today we tackle one of the more controversial topics around brain health and Alzheimer's - hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Our guest is Dr Ann Hathaway (no...not the actress) a hormone expert.

We have an extended conversation about the history of hormone replacement, where the fear of using Premarin (estrogen)...

Jan 22, 2018

This week we interview another leading scientist and author who views Alzheimer's as a more complicated process than one simple disease.
Our guest, Dr Peter Whitehouse, is an MD, PhD trained at Johns Hopkins and currently is a professor of Neurology at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. He authored the book,...

Jan 15, 2018

We finally have evidence for and Alzheimer's prevention diet and the best foods to eat to prevent alzheimer's.
We apologize for the recording sound quality of this episode.
Our guest this week, Dr Martha Clare Morris is the architect of the MIND Diet and a leader in the field of nutrition and the brain.
Dr Morris'...

Jan 8, 2018

The next couple of episodes we are going to do a deeper dive into the role nutrition and best (and worst) foods for Alzheimer's prevention and treatment.

Our guest on this show is Dr Annie Fenn, M.D from BrainHealth Kitchen. She is a retired OB/GYN physician, writer and culinary instructor.

We discuss the format...

Jan 1, 2018

Dr Marvin Berman recieved his PhD in Psychoeducational Processes. He is trained in Bioenergetic Analysis and is trained in numerous other therapeutic interventions including EEG biofeedback and the Feldenkrais methodologies. He consults with senior executives and management teams on the application of cognitive...