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Evolving Past Alzheimer's

Nov 4, 2022

What if what we thought to be the primary cause ofAlzheimer'swas not true? Dr. NateBergman delves into a research article published by Dr. Weaver to assess if the primary cause of Alzheimer's can be limited to only the amyloid area.

For years it has been believed that the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease are the...

Aug 29, 2022

In This Episode You Will Learn:

Where are you in your career right now? 

Neuroscience research is fascinating. Dr. Ted is most interested in attention, perception, and memory. These three things work together harmoniously because you can’t remember something you ignore, and it’s difficult to notice something if you...

Aug 3, 2022

6 Effective Ways of Heart Disease Prevention

Anyone who wishes to optimize health by protecting the heart and brain must listen to this!

Dr. Marwan Sabbagh and Joe Piscatella combine the six most effective principles for heart disease prevention. They unfold valuable heart and brain facts in their new book Strong Heart,...

Strong Heart, Sharp Mind with Marwan Sabbagh MD

Mar 21, 2022

A familiar guest rejoins us for the show! Marwan Sabbagh MD is currently a professor of Neurology at Barrow Neurological Institute and a leader in Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Sabbagh and his bestselling co-author and heart disease survivor, Joe Piscatella reveals new hope for treating and preventing...

Feb 18, 2022

The conversation had on this episode is a little complex but is an excellent review in how science is done and "how the sausage is made" in terms of medical evidence in peer review for Alzheimer's treatments.


We discuss the results of the AMBAR trial - The Alzheimer Management by Albumin Replacement - where people...